DGit: GitHub’s distributed, sw-defined storage


GitHub announced a new redundancy-based technology built on core git version control techniques for a more reliable, highly available and performance oriented storage to repositories – DGit. While git is distributed by design (any copy of a repository contains the entire history), it doesn’t support mirroring by itself. DGit stores the data of each repo in 3 different servers. Continue reading DGit: GitHub’s distributed, sw-defined storage

Introducing dslib: academic data structures library

hacker_compWhen I was studying Computer Science in an engineering institution in India 15 years earlier, there weren’t too many resources to check out. Lab computers were shared in tiny slots. They were tortoises compared to today’s regular smartphones. We accessed internet on a 64Kbps modem. Most of the academic subjects were studied by referring the text and a little bit of hands-on development. For many students, these didn’t reflect well on their careers. Continue reading Introducing dslib: academic data structures library

StarUML is available for Ubuntu


If you are a developer you must have come across StarUML at some point or another. It is a very old and popular UML modelling software. However, for years, it was available only for Windows. Hunting for a good alternative we just noticed that StarUML has a native Linux client for almost a year now! However, from the Google search results it seems there wasn’t enough noise. Continue reading StarUML is available for Ubuntu