Fix missing indicator icons on Xubuntu

dropbox_missing_compI noticed this issue on Xubuntu as well as Ubuntu Mate. Apps like Dropbox and HotShots would show a missing icon in the indicator (as in the image). The problem seems to be with Qt based applications and affects Ubuntu 14.10, 15.04, 15.10 and 16.04. Noticed the same problem on Voyager Linux 16.04 too. Here are some temporary solutions that work till the problem gets fixed. Continue reading Fix missing indicator icons on Xubuntu

Manjaro LXQt 2016.03 & Ubuntu 14.04 on UEFI


Since my last experiments with KaOS, I had been looking forward to try another distro. Being a long-time user of LXDE, I picked up Manjaro LXQt. LXDE development has almost stopped and LXQt is indeed the way forward. Having it the Arch way would be exciting, I thought. Continue reading Manjaro LXQt 2016.03 & Ubuntu 14.04 on UEFI

ProxyChains: per-app proxy

p2p_network_compUpdate: tsocks seems to be a better alternative when multiple applications are involved, i.e., one invokes another.

While there is a Tor-specific utility torify to route per-application traffic anonymously, the utility doesn’t provide any option to use custom proxies. ProxyChains fills in the gap by providing a similar but more flexible utility. It supports tor too. ProxyChains is extrremely useful when a program doesn’t handle proxies by itself. ProxyChains adds the functionality by intercepting the TCP calls. Continue reading ProxyChains: per-app proxy

KaOS 2016.01 & Ubuntu 14.04 on UEFI


My earlier adventure with Deepin remained largely disappointing. Now that I have a free 20GB partition to install another OS, I chose KaOS. It’s not a bad idea to have KDE as an alternative desktop environment. I grabbed the latest KaOS version available (2016.01).

Continue reading KaOS 2016.01 & Ubuntu 14.04 on UEFI

Deepin 15 & Ubuntu 14.04 on UEFI


Since I ran a quick test-drive of Linux Deepin 15 on VirtualBox, I had been longing to install it on hardware. I already have a highly customized Ubuntu 14.04 with LXDE running and I didn’t want to disturb it. So I went ahead with a dual boot setup. Here’s a chronicle of my tinkering. Continue reading Deepin 15 & Ubuntu 14.04 on UEFI

Make Android & Ubuntu talk over ADB

android_compubuntu_logo_81x81A regular Ubuntu user might have faced this situation: connect an Android smartphone to the laptop over micro USB to find even the battery is not charging! Things look so simpler on Windows: the phone get charged, phone storage is accessible and what not? What’s wrong with Ubuntu??? Honestly, nothing! All of this is possible on Ubuntu as well. We will explore how in this article. Continue reading Make Android & Ubuntu talk over ADB