Hacking noice: fast cmdline file browser

terminalnoice is a minimal file browser for those who don’t like to type cd ... to reach a file, then open it; or one who doesn’t like to open a file browser and keep clicking to find and open a file. noice reduces the effort to pressing the arrow keys. Originally noice is written as a utility having minimal interactions with X. For example, image files are opened with feh. Considering most people use X and love to use to GUI apps when it makes sense, I have forked a branch with some changes of my own. Continue reading Hacking noice: fast cmdline file browser

ranger: awesome cmdline file manager


ranger is a beautifully designed console based file browser to boost your productivity. ranger shows the current and parent directories in multiple columns (panes), presenting a complete context of your current location. And don’t be scared by the project tagline mentioning vim, ranger supports very easy navigation using arrow keys. Continue reading ranger: awesome cmdline file manager

Fix Thunar crash on move, rename (Xubuntu 16.04)


Thunar 1.6.10 shipped with Ubuntu 16.04 (or upgraded on 15.10) has a nasty bug leading to a crash on file rename or move between tabs. There are several bugs on launchpad.net confirming this: #1512120, #1565951, #1572400. It’s an irritating issue and I was looking for a way to fix this. Seems like there’s already a patch from Harald Judt to take care of this. Continue reading Fix Thunar crash on move, rename (Xubuntu 16.04)

NcursesFM: modern cmdline file manager


Good news for fans of Midnight Commander, we’ve got another powerful under-development file manager to try out – NcursesFM. It reaps the benefit of being the new kid in the block and has capabilities to make use fo the latest features of the Linux world, including the copy_file_range syscall implemented in kernel 4.5. Continue reading NcursesFM: modern cmdline file manager

PCManFM shows hidden files on Trusty

ubuntu_logo_81x81If you are a PCManFM user on Ubuntu 14.04 you must be irritated by now that the file manager shows hidden files in every directory and preserves the same setting across sessions. I was about to switch to Nautilus when I found a workaround. Continue reading PCManFM shows hidden files on Trusty

DFileManager: browse files like album arts

DFileManager is a new Qt5 based file manager resembling Finder from Mac in look an feel. It offers multiple file views but the most interesting (and advertised) one is the cover flow view where you can slide through the items in your directory, which is particularly useful for directories with pictures. Perhaps not very efficient for directories with other types of files but who can question the aesthetics of Mac? Continue reading DFileManager: browse files like album arts