Snaps would run on ‘any’ distro

compress_compWould you like to see a single package running on any Linux device, irrespective of the distribution? Seems like the long wait for a universal package format is finally going to end. There has been several attempts in the recent past (e.g., ORB & Superdeb, AppImage and more) to achieve this but snaps has emerged the winner. Continue reading Snaps would run on ‘any’ distro

Open source and open nuisance

coffee_compIt’s more than 15 years I am in touch with open source. I had been working on Linux most of my career and I have seen open source thrive and take the place it has today. Off late, a trend that disturbs me is the growing culture of harsh and derogatory discussions in the name of code reviews and technical standoffs. Continue reading Open source and open nuisance

A $2B open-source company? Red Hat!

red_hat_compRed Hat published its FY16 Q4 results and in a historic achievement became the first company running its business on open-source technology to the cross $2B revenue mark. Incidentally, Red Hat was also the first company to cross the $1B mark as a company doing business with Linux. Continue reading A $2B open-source company? Red Hat!

Measure ‘complexity’ of C programs

hacker_compComplexity is a GNU utility to calculate the complexity of a C program. It’s similar to the McCabe scoring (ref tool: pmccabe) with extra considerations on the scoring scheme. Complexity can be used as a means to analyze a C program and detect areas to improve or simplify or the amount of effort required to understand a piece of code. Complexity is written in C. Continue reading Measure ‘complexity’ of C programs

LibreOffice, ownCloud join hands


Collabora and ownCloud are well-known names in the open source world. Together they have come up with a VM that runs LibreOffice on ownCloud server. This essentially means you can view and edit presentations, spreadsheets and documents directly on ownCloud. Continue reading LibreOffice, ownCloud join hands