Markdown to html on the terminal

terminalIf you are well-versed in markdown, you don’t need a fully-blown editor with preview to write in markdown. For example, I am writing this article using vim. However, to post the article I need to convert it to html. Many web based markdown editors support that. Today I came across an easy to use python module which does the same. Continue reading Markdown to html on the terminal

Safely remove drives from terminal

diskHave you noticed that different file manager apps provide different options to remove drives? You probably have sees the options unmount, eject and safely remove drives. In this article we’ll explore these options briefly and then hack a way to safety detach removable USB disk drives from a Linux system. Continue reading Safely remove drives from terminal

wttr: weather from the terminal


Many of us have the habit of checking the weather every now and then. There are excellent weather indicators, Typhoon or cmdline wego and weather-util. Turns out there’s another way to get the same (but static) wego output in the terminal. And that too without installing any utility other than your pre-installed download tools. Continue reading wttr: weather from the terminal

Fix brightness issues on Manjaro

manjaro_compI am using Manjaro LXQt for a while now. My laptop is a Sony VAIO SVS13112ENB with Intel i915 graphics. The brightness keys wouldn’t work out of the box. To fix it I used the same scripts from Ubuntu and attached them to the brightness up/down keys. Those worked but I noticed two more issues with the procedure. Continue reading Fix brightness issues on Manjaro

maybe… you want a trial run


maybe is a cmdline python utility to make sure a destructive command doesn’t do anything to your filesystem that will make you repent later. maybe intercepts the program using the ptrace library and makes the program believe that everything is going smooth. Continue reading maybe… you want a trial run

Grep binary files on Linux

hacker_compWe explored techniques to search a binary file using grep in an earlier article. However, we could only search ASCII strings using grep. In this article we will explore some powerful utilities which can perform ascii as well as hexadecimal string search on binary files. Continue reading Grep binary files on Linux