fmedia: play, record, convert audio

musicWith the abundance of processing power, multimedia players have turned more and more resource hungry. While it may be reasonable while playing a H265 encoded video, playing an MP3 file should not take ~50MB resident memory. Unfortunately, SMPlayer uses memory in that range. In our hunt for a lighter audio player we found fmedia, which delivers much more than playing audio. Continue reading fmedia: play, record, convert audio

exif: image exif data on Ubuntu

image_editor_compWe explored exiftool, a perl utility to view and edit image metadata, in an earlier article. However, it’s bulky and a lighter alternative sounds good. So we looked up exif, a very tiny utility that can read exif metadata and has limited editing capabilities. Continue reading exif: image exif data on Ubuntu

Lumina DE: a fresh desktop to try out

Lumina 1.0.0

The 1.0 Beta release of the Lumina Desktop Environment made some news this week. While it is the flagship DE for PC-BSD, Lumina can be installed and used on many other distros as well. We’ll see how to install it on Ubuntu 15.10 (and link to the procedure for other distros) but a little about Lumina first. Continue reading Lumina DE: a fresh desktop to try out

jeex: useful hex tool


There are several cmdline hex editors available on Linux, even vim can use the xxd utility to edit a file in hex mode (:%!xxd to edit, :%!xxd -r to return to text mode). You may have come across ghex as well, the standard Gnome hex editor. We found a lightweight and powerful hex utility in the default Ubuntu repos – jeex. jeex is also written in Gtk+ and you don’t have to bother about dependencies (unlike bless, which takes it to mono libraries!!!). Continue reading jeex: useful hex tool alternatives

notepadIt’s been a while we visited, a fast web service to jot down your notes or memos or todos and password protect them, or to share info between different systems. No accounts, no logins, no attachments. However, the developer put down a service end notice in Dec 2015. Though it’s still running, the notice is still there and we started looking for some alternatives. Continue reading alternatives

Zathura: tiny PDF viewer


Zathura is a PDF viewer belonging to the same category as MuPDF. It uses vim-like keybinds and is a delight for vim-addicts. However, late-introduced (and modern) vim keybinds like arrow keys page keys etc. work fine with Zathura, making it easier to get accustomed to for regular users. If you don’t like the defaults, many settings can be configured. Font rendering in Zathura seems better than evince, though they use the same poppler library. Continue reading Zathura: tiny PDF viewer