googler 2.2 is out!


Our regular readers are probably familiar with googler, a open source project of mine to google from the cmdline. We are happy to announce the release of googler v2.2 with several new features and enhancements.

The omniprompt got a huge facelift and now wok as the page separator. And if you want stricter search without Google correcting your spelling automatically, googler 2.2 has it.

Highlights follow.


  • Show quotes in text and title
  • Option to disable automatic spelling correction
  • User agent identifier added for all requests
  • Improved concise omniprompt with color inversion to work as a page separator
  • Set column size to auto when sys.stderr is not a tty
  • Decode HTTPS response in UTF-8
  • Dynamically detect python version using /usr/bin/env
  • Handle EOF (Ctrl-d) at omniprompt


  • Refactored code
    • Modularized code for repetitive logic
    • Unnecessary code removal
  • Dump full HTML response in debug mode
  • Homebrew integration
  • Travis integration
  • A better readme in 100% markdown and ToC with references

Among other things, we considered dropping the support for Python 2.x in this release. However, given that googler has very few dependencies by design, we refrained from it.

Hope you like the enhanced googler v2.2!


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