cppman: C++ 98/11/14 man pages


C++ is an ever-evolving standard and it’s quite difficult to keep up with the latest updates. Good news for devs, a new project aims at making the process simpler by incorporating latest information from multiple sources.

cppman integrates C++ references in the system just like glibc man pages. As an additional bonus, you get practical usage examples on almost every page. Note that the pages are downloaded from the sources and cached for later reference. cppman doesn’t install any C++ references on its own.


  • Fetch info from cplusplus.com (default) or cppreference.com
  • Syntax highlighting and examples
  • Navigate between man pages via keywords. <Ctrl-]> moves forward, <Ctrl-Shift-t> jumps back. Mouse navigation available, double click on a keyword to load its man page, right click to go back.
  • The project receives frequent updates
  • Works on Linux and Mac


cppman requires python3 to run. You can install cppman using pip:

$ sudo pip install cppman

cppman is also available in Ubuntu Vivid default repos:

$ sudo apt-get install cppman

To install manually:

$ sudo apt-get install python3-bs4
$ git clone https://github.com/aitjcize/cppman
$ cd cppman
$ sudo python3 ./setup.py install


Change the default source:

$ cppman -s cppreference.com

Cache all available man pages:

$ cppman -c

More options:

$ cppman -h

On GitHub: cppman

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