Pi Zero: the $5 computer


We saw a new model from Raspberry Pi family last February. Today the youngest (so far) member of the Pi family has been announced – Pi Zero. Pi Zero cuts the price of the board to $5 (€4.5), that’s as cheap as it gets for a powerful board like it.

Let’s know it better!

Hardware Spec

  • A single-core BCM2835 processor (ARM-6), can now be over-clocked to 1GHz
  • 512MB RAM with Micro SD port for storage
  • 1 Micro USB data port to connect accessories
  • The 40 pin GPIO allows you to use only essential connections for your project
  • Supports full HD 1080P output via Mini HDMI or using RCA composite video output
  • Power rating of just 160mA even when connected to a 1080P display (this the most efficient Raspberry Pi till date)
  • Micro USB power source

Get up, close and personal with Pi Zero in the video below (courtesy TheRaspberryPiGuy).


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