PyInstaller: portable python executables

pyinstaller_compLots of devs prefer python for rapidly developing applications. However, not too many desktop users would be interested in installing python. PyInstaller bridges the gap. PyInstaller bundles a package along with its dependencies for deployment. The user doesn’t need to install python separately making the experience simpler.


  • Packages Python programs into standard executables
  • Flexible packaging: single directory, single file, custom
  • Supports binary libraries used through ctypes
  • Supports 3rd-party package integration
  • Supports automatic binary compression
  • Optional console mode
  • Full .egg file support
  • Multi-platform: Linux, Windows, Mac
  • Works with python 2.7 and 3.x


To install PyInstaller on Ubuntu, run:

$ sudo pip install pyinstaller


To package a script and dependencies:

$ pyinstaller /path/to/

Webpage: PyInstaller

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