Minimal Linux Live: Linux from scratch

tux_compDid you ever want to spin your own distro with a few set of useful utilities like a Swiss Army Knife? Minimal Linux Live is the project you should refer. The project comes with a few scripts which are the foundation of creating a tiny distro from scratch. You can keep building on top of it easily and finally spin a Linux distro with utilities you need. let’s check out how.

The following steps get you started with Minimal Live Linux on Ubuntu, you can explore and add more stuff:

$ sudo apt-get install wget make gcc bc syslinux genisoimage
$ git clone
$ chmod -R +x minimal/src/
$ cd src
$ ./

The process takes some time to complete and generates the minimal_linux_live.iso. You can either bun it to a CD/DVD or USB (using Universal USB Installer). You can also test it on VirtualBox.

The scripts are simple to follow. You can always add more packages once you have a basic understanding of shell scripting. It’s a very helpful way to create your own rescue cd.


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