QuickPic Gallery offers 5TB free

QuickPic is a well-integrated fast image viewer for Android. You can replace the stock Gallery app on Android with it. Recently QuickPic was acquired by Cheetah Mobile (developers of Clean Mobile and CM Browser apps). The app has introduced a free cloud storage service with a limit of 5TB.

With this storage you can store your photos in the cloud as you take the snaps, which is convenient. However, we would advise against uploading all your photos automatically without reviewing what you are uploading.

To get the storage, install the app from Google Play (linked below) and create a quick account with CM cloud service from the menu. You can use the invitation code bzmk03 to get 1TB instantly. Earn more space by sharing your own invitation code with your friends via WhatsApp, email or messaging directly from the app. Note that you can reach up to 5TB.

On Google Play: QuickPic Gallery

25 thoughts on “QuickPic Gallery offers 5TB free”

    1. Depending on the responses it seems the procedure worked fine for others. Please explore the app a bit. Siettngs -> CM Cloud, maybe?


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