Typing booster: predictive typing

Typing booster was one of the key features in Fedora 15. There are numerous typing applications for Linux but Typing booster targets Indian languages. The key benefit of using it is word prediction. The accuracy and timing keeps improving as the application keeps learning.


  • Predictions based on partial input
  • Tab key feature
  • Validated words in suggestion box
  • Users can add/delete word list and text files in user DB
  • User input is preferred strongly
  • Supports all widely used layouts
  • Excellent language coverage
  • Supports Right To Lelf scripts as well
  • On the fly installation of dictionaries
  • Get Help on input layout
  • Improves accuracy in data creation
  • User friendly customizations
  • Removing wrongly entered words
  • Improves typing speed
  • Supports 41 languages (not CJK)
  • Supports RTL (right to left) scripts like Arabic or Hebrew


The link to the Ubuntu package is not working at the time of writing. Compiling from the latest source on Ubuntu 14.04 failed for us. It seems Typing booster can be installed by converting the rpm package to deb using alien.

Download the rpm package. Then run:

$ sudo apt-get install alien
$ sudo alien ibus-typing-booster-version.rpm
// deb package is generated by the above command
$ sudo dpkg -i ibus-typing-booster-version.deb


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