Matrix: free Skype alternative

Matrix is a multi-platform free and open source audio video messenger. it uses WebRTC for transferring data. Matrix started off as an independent protocol and now there are several clients that work with it. You can also setup your personal Matrix server.

Matrix is a robust Skype alternative with wider OS support through web clients as well as native clients.


  • Decentralized – one conference doesn’t use one server
  • Good audio and video calls without pain
  • Multiple clients for diverse devices
  • Works well on slow network connections
  • Chat history synchronization on server side
  • Multiple synchronous logins (for example: smartphone, desktop, laptop)
  • Web integration and open API specification with usage details
  • Seamless clients switching
  • Open source and free


Webpage: Matrix


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Logo

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