Gramps: create family trees

Gramps is a Genealogical research software, in simpler terms, it is specifically designed to create family trees. Gramps provides enough options to store the data scientifically and can be used by hobbyists as well as professional genealogists. As a matter of fact, Gramps is developed and governed by genealogists.

The latest version of Gramps requires Python 3 and GTK+ 3.


  • Dashboard to monitor the research progress. A variety of widgets provide quick analysis of data and more.
  • List of every individual in your records featuring birth/death dates and more
  • Summary of relationships
  • List of every family group
  • Graphical representation of ancestry
  • List of event
  • List of recording locations
  • Interactive geographical map view
  • List of all sources referenced
  • List of all citations referenced
  • List of source repositories referenced
  • List of all photos, videos and other media referenced in records with thumbnail preview
  • List of all text notes included in records
  • Linux, Windows and Mac support


To install Gramps on Ubuntu, run:

$ sudo apt-get install gramps

Webpage: Gramps

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