Wanna learn Linux?

tux_compThere are several ways to master Linux. The important question is: how do you want to use it? An end user need not learn anything about the cmdline but if you want to be a Linux admin or a serious user who wants to reap the benefits of this extremely powerful and hackable OS, you might want to dive deeper. Here are a few ways to learn Linux, some fun, some not so much ;).

  1. Learn more about available commands and tools
    Add any of the the following to your ~/.bashrc so that it runs every time you open the terminal:

    echo "Did you know that:"; whatis $(ls /bin | shuf -n 1)


    echo "Did you know that:"; whatis $(ls /usr/share/man/man1 | shuf -n 1 | cut -d. -f1)
  2. Terminus
    A cool game that teaches you something new in each step.
  3. Looking for something? Try:
    $ man -k keywords


    $ man -k edit pdf
  4. Trouble-Maker
    A utility to introduce issues in a perfectly working RHEL box for you to fix. Troubleshoot and learn!
  5. Learn Linux the Hard Way
    Step by step setup instructions and a shell to try out.


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