CPU-X: know your processor

There are numerous tools to fetch hardware information on Linux (lshw, dmidecode, hwinfo, i-Nex, i7z, inxi…). CPU-X is a new tool that specializes on gathering processor and motherboard information.

Though it closely resembles i-Nex, CPU-X is less bulkier (however, i-Nex seems to show more information). CPU-X is written in C and uses GTK3+ for the GUI. It also has an ncurses based cmdline version.


  • Show information on CPU, motherboard, RAM, system and graphics
  • Both GUI and CLI available
  • Works on Linux, BSD and OSX


CPU-X can be built from source but I would suggest downloading the latest portable release.

Extract and run (with root privileges) the right version for your architecture. For us, the cmdline version didn’t work. We got the following error on Ubuntu 14.04.3 x86_64 though xterm is available in the system:

Error opening terminal: xterm.

The GTK3+ portable version worked without any issues.


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