Gitter: chat for GitHub

github_compThere are several ways to communicate for serious development. It starts from mailing and ends in strong support forums. Arguably the most convenient way to communicate and close stuff in real-time would be messaging. IRC is a well-known solution for the same. ButĀ not everyone is IRC-savvy.

If you are a GitHub developer or a project maintainer you are in luck. Projects on GitHub need GitHub accounts to contribute and Gitter is an easy way to chat for GitHub devs. GitHub issue lists and pull requests are cool but what if you want to discuss something with another dev for half an hour? Gitter bridges the gap.

Basic features are available for free and advanced features cost $5/month. If you are an organization more features are available for free.


  • Add Gitter to you GitHub project for 24×7 chat facility. Unlimited public rooms but only 1-1 chat is available for free.
  • Unlimited chat history plusĀ organization, repository, issue and activity integration.
  • Markdown support in chat.
  • Native clients available for Linux, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

To start, visit Gitter and authorize with your GitHub account details.


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