sbackup: simple backup solution

sbackup is a basic backup utility built on the old mechanisms used by Unix admins. Unlike Redo, it is not a OS imaging utility, but it adds a lot of intelligence to generic backup solutions by supporting regex based include and exclude paths, easy to use Gnome interface and zero maintenance.


  • Creates compressed and uncompressed backups
  • Can split uncompressed backups into several chunks
  • Support of multiple backup profiles
  • Logging, email notification and status icon presenting progress and notifications
  • Scheduled backups and manual backups
  • Supports local destinations (e.g. harddisk) and remote destinations (e.g. NAS over FTP)
  • Plugin based framework


To install sbackup on Ubuntu, run:

$ sudo apt-get install sbackup


Thanks to the ultra-simple graphical interface, using sbackup is surprisingly easy. It has a tabbed interface with a wizard-type workflow. There are two profiles: normal and admin. Only the admin mode can do some tasks like scheduling backups. You can configure folders to include or exclude from backup, backup schedule, maximum file size limit, backup clean-up rules and so on.

Webpage: sbackup


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