Kai Po Che! (2013)

A friend suggested Kai Po Che! recently and despite my disregard for Bollywood movies I watched it. While the high user-rating on IMDB was one of the reasons, Chetan Bhagat as the author intrigued me. I have never come across any of his novels so I thought this would be a good opportunity. The movie is not disappointing, but I am not overwhelmed either. There’s precious little to take away. All the ingredients of Bollywood masala movies are available: politics, cricket, sentimental melodrama, calamities, communal riots, prurience under the hood… There’s friendship but I would prefer watching Dil Chahta Hai once more to savour friendship. I banked on the writing of an intellectual author, however what I watched is mediocre at best. The storyline is very very predictable and the author chose a well know set of events: Gujarat earthquake, Godhra incident and ensuing riots. There is no place for imagination or thrill either. Kai Po Che! is a commonplace drama trying to reach the heart of the common Indian. The music stands out though, with some unconventional tunes and the main characters deliver quality performance. My rating would be 7/10. I wouldn’t mind not watching it.


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