WhatsApp desktop client

Update: The project seems to be dead now.

WhatsApp now has an unofficial desktop client, thanks to the developer of Facebook Messenger. For people who use their laptop or desktop most of the time, this app will help to stay in touch with their WhatsApp contacts and receive notifications. WhatsApp desktopĀ is a webapp packaged for the desktop. This is a wrapper to the WhatsApp webapp released recently.


  • Group chats
  • Send photos & videos
  • Share locations
  • Native notifications
  • Open links in browser or new window
  • Multi-platform. Supports Linux, Windows and Mac


Download and install the deb package for Ubuntu from the app homepage.

Webpage: WhatsApp for Desktop

2 thoughts on “WhatsApp desktop client”

    1. It still needs. Also the disclaimer on the app homepage reads:
      “Note: This is NOT an official product. It is just a wrapper for WhatsApp Web.
      No affiliation with WhatsApp. Read the DISCLAIMER.”


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