Ex Machina (2015)

A Sci-Fi with a high rating on IMDB; I had high hopes when I started watching Ex Machina. However, I found that it’s a disappointing cocktail of Pi and Her. When you are watching a Sci-Fi you would seek something more than continued sessions leading to a human-AI romantic relationship. The storyline is too slow and predictable. The twist in the end doesn’t save you from the boredom and you would want the two precious hours of your life back. There are gaping holes in this movie as well. You don’t expect a champion developer who wrote a top-notch search engine at the age of 13 to be so careless and sloppy. In fact, Nathan (Oscar Isaac) fails to deliver the image of a cunning hacker and acts more like an aimless hooligan. How can he not have devised a kill switch if he already knows that the prototypes can turn violent? The director and author could have made it an intelligent rat and mouse chase but they lost their way in romanticism and unnecessary nudity.

I guess the high IMDB rating is because some of the terms and concepts used in the movie are alien to normal viewers (though quite commonplace in the IT industry). My rating would be 6/10.

Trivia: The Python code Caleb writes to decrypt BlueBook, when executed, prints ISBN = 9780199226559. The text is Embodiment and the inner life: Cognition and Consciousness in the Space of Possible Minds.


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