Android gets handwriting recognition across all apps

Google has just released Google Handwriting Input app for Android in Google Play. The app supports Android 4.0.3 and above and works across all your apps on a smartphone or tablet. In our tests it showed impressive results even when detecting very poor handwriting. Most of the times it was accurate, in some cases we had to select the correct letter from the probable matches shown in the detection results.

At the time of writing 82 languages are supported by the app. Printed and cursive writing are supported and the user can use fingers instead of a stylus. In addition to numbers and letters, it also supports emojis.

To try it out, downlaod the app from Google Play and install it. Once installed, visit Language and input settings and enable Google Handwriting. Set it as default. The app supports two themes for the handwriting input box: light and dark.

On Gogle Play: Google Handwriting Input

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