Dooble: privacy oriented web browser

Dooble is a Qt5 based web browser with a major focus towards online privacy and security. It also comes with a list of extra features which you wouldn’t expect from a web browser, e.g., an integrated file manager of its own. Or consider the in-built desktop which serves as an user-level interface to the operating system. Definitely Dooble¬†deviates from the Unix philosophy of one program doing one thing right but it’s privacy oriented features are good. In addition, it’s a lightweight browser with a clean interface. Thanks to ads and script blocking by default, it provides a breezy browsing experience. And it doesn’t lack in settings either. As it uses Qt, Dooble can run on several Linux desktop environments as well as multiple operating systems.


  • Ad-blocking
  • Always HTTPS
  • Colourful and unique desktop
  • Integrated local file manager
  • Highly¬†configurable
  • Configurable exceptions
  • Cookies manager
  • Downloads manager
  • Passphrase-based browser authentication
  • Encrypted bookmarks, browsing history, cookies, disk caches, etc.
  • Content blocking and private browsing
  • History browser, including side panel
  • FTP browser
  • Per-tab JavaScript, per-tab web plugins, and per-tab private cookies
  • Plugins support
  • Save and restore sessions
  • Print-in-PDF support
  • Multi-platform: Linux, BSD, Windows, Mac


The latest version of Dooble (at the time of writing) supports only Qt 5.4.x and newer. Run the following commands to install Dooble on Ubuntu:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:richard-sellam/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install dooble

Webpage: Dooble


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