xfdashboard: XFCE gets a dashboard

The dash or dashboard is the modern version of the run dialogue showing matching shortcuts or paths when a user types in a pattern. Users of Gnome Shell or Unity are accustomed to the dash or dashboard for quick search results. Unity even extends the functionality to the next level (like websearch, weather, gmail etc.) using lenses and scopes. However, desktop environments like Xfce or LXDE didn’t have anything of that sort integrated into the framework.

Seems like the wait is over for Xfce users. Developer Stephan Haller is working on a Gnome Shell like dashboard which is in a fairly stable state now – xfdashboard.


  • Set keyboard shortcut for xfdashboard
  • Supports several views and switching between them
  • The windows view (default) shows an overview of currently running apps and allows switching between them
  • Applications view shows all installed applications like a menu
  • Search view to search and start applications
  • Includes widgets like View selector, Search text box, Quicklaunch, Workspace selector
  • Move windows between workspaces
  • Add an application to favourites, organize favourites, remove from favourites
  • Keyboard shortcuts for navigation and selection
  • Supports theming and configuration tuning


To install xfdashboard on Xubuntu, run:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xubuntu-dev/extras
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install xfdashboard


Type in xfdashboard or assign a shortcut to launch the application. For quicker start-up run xfdashboard in daemon mode which keeps it running in background. You can start xfdashboard in daemon mode by executing the command

$ xfdashboard --daemonize
$ xfdashboard -d

or by enabling auto-start at Settings  Session and Startup  Application Autostart in Xfce.

Webpage: xfdashboard

2 thoughts on “xfdashboard: XFCE gets a dashboard”

  1. Just found a typo :
    The correct syntax is “xfdashboard –daemonize” or “xfdashboard -d” . The “–daemon” doesn’t work.



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