Boot Ubuntu in console mode

ubuntu_logo_81x81There can be several reasons why one would want to boot to the terminal. It can be a way to get familiar with the cmdline or a distraction-free environment for a developer. Note that you can always switch to the first virtual console using <Ctrl-Alt-F1>.


  1. Backup your existing GRUB configuration
    $ cp /etc/default/grub ~/grub.orig
  2. Modify the following line (must be root or sudoer)

    If you have any other boot parameters leave them. Just replace quiet splash with text.

  3. Uncomment the following line
  4. Run
    $ sudo update-grub
  5. Reboot and you will be greeted in the console mode

To get back to the graphical mode

  1. Run
    $ service lightdm start
  2. Press <Ctrl-Alt-F7>.


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