Nemiver: GNOME GDB frontend

Developers who prefer a graphical interface like ddd for the highly useful debugger GDB have an alternative now. GNOME has an official project to come up with a GDB GUI frontend that integrates seamlessly with the popular desktop environment – Nemiver. It is written in C/C++.


  • Very robust with fast startup (no splash screens)
  • Reasonable memory consumption so that it can be used on humble hardware
  • Standalone, no project required to debug a binary
  • Integrated disassembler
    > switches source view to disassembly mode
    > automatically disassembles instructions around the current instruction pointer
    > supports mixed source and assembly mode
  • GNOME 3 integration
  • Breakpoints for a binary saved on program quit for next instance
  • Remote debugging using gdbserver
  • Attach to a running process by name (PID not necessary)
  • Breakpoint, conditional breakpoints, next, step into, jump to arbitrary execution addresses, inspecting of variables, calling an arbitrary functions in the inferior…
  • Watchpoints
  • Monitoring variables: add an expression to the variable monitor and watch it each time the program stops
  • Change the value of a variable, copy variable content to clipboard
  • Copy call stack to clipboard
  • Inspect or set the registers or memory of the inferior program
  • Branch execution to an arbitrary address
  • No need to re-launch Nemiver if GDB crashes, re-starting the inferior is enough


To install nemiver on Ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get install nemiver

Webpage: Nemiver


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