Phabricator: open source software engineering platform

Most software organizations use different tools for different software development processes. For example, Bugzilla may be used for bug tracking, WinMerge may be the code review tool, a different tool for version control and so on. What if a single suite could do the job? We are talking Phabricator, a collection of open source web applications that offers you simplicity in software management.


  • Review, browse and audit code
  • Host Git/Hg/SVN repositories, connect other hosts
  • Browse repositories
  • Track bugs and tasks
  • Integrated WiKi (Phriction)
  • Share code snippets
  • Get notified on certain events (like business rules)
  • Cmdline and exposed APIs
  • Continuous build
  • Conferencing (needs manual refresh)
  • Basic blogging engine
  • Calendar with user generated content
  • Password manager
  • Bookmarks
  • Committed to performance
  • Works well for a middle-sized business. Scales to organizations with thousands of employees.
  • Can be hosted internally for an organization

Find the installation guide for Phabricator here.

Webpage: Phabricator


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