KiTTY: PuTTY advanced

Do you connect to remote Linux boxes from Windows? If the answer is yes, you’ve definitely come across PuTTY, the most popular Telnet and SSH client on Windows. Unfortunately, PuTTY gets beta improvements once in a year. The last set of changes (at the time of writing) were published in Aug 2013. Time for the good news! KiTTY┬áis a PuTTY alternative that implemented everything in PuTTY including requested features and much more.


  • Requested
    > Sessions filter
    > Portability
    > Shortcuts for pre-defined command
    > The session launcher
    > Automatic logon script
  • Technical
    > URL hyperlinks
    > Automatic password
    > Automatic command
    > Running a locally saved script on a remote session
    > ZModem integration (experimental)
  • Graphical
    > An icon for each session
    > Send to tray
    > Transparency
    > Protection against unfortunate keyboard input
    > Roll-up
    > Always visible
    > Quick start of a duplicate session
    > Config Box
  • Other
    > Automatic saving
    > SSH Handler: Internet Explorer integration
    > pscp.exe and WinSCP integration
    > Binary compression
    > Clipboard printing
    > The PuTTYCyg patch
    > Background image
    > File association
    > Other settings
    > New cmdline options
  • Bonus
    > A light chat server is hidden in KiTTY
    > A hidden text editor is integrated into KiTTY

KiTTY has only one limitation, it is Windows-only and does not have any Linux port. However, Linux users have a number of powerful alternatives.

KiTTY is a FOSS software. It is portable as well.

Webpage: KiTTY


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