Dooscape: Qt-based web browser

UPDATE: The project seems to be closed now.

Dooscape is a Qt 5.x (on QtWebKit) web browser with a difference. The uniquely designed interface is different from the ones you are familiar with when it comes to web browsers. It also comes with theming and animation support. Another useful feature is browser lockdown with a master password.

The development of Dooscape started in late 2013.

Useful features:

  • Browse web
  • Inspect web
  • Bookmarks (beta)
  • Lock Screen
  • Set background for the main screen and lock screen
  • Setting a password to lock the browser
  • Take a screenshot
  • Preview on tab bar (buggy at the time of writing)
  • Enable or disable animations
  • Reset the browser
  • Supports English and French language
  • Multiplatorm. Supports Linux, Windows and Mac.

Dooscape can be downloaded from it Qt-Apps page (link below).


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