Zeal: browse API documentation offline

Developers often need to refer to API documentation of the frameworks or libraries they use. For example, Linux devs need to refer to the man pages often. There is an app for OS X, Dash, which provide offline API documentation for a large number of frameworks. Zeal is a similar Qt based utility on Linux inspired by Dash. Features:

  • Quickly search documentation using Alt+Space (or customised) hotkey to display Zeal from any place in your workspace.
  • Search in multiple sets of documentation at once.
  • Don’t be dependent on your internet connection.
  • Integrate Zeal with Emacs, Sublime Text, or Vim. See Usage ยป Editor plugins for details.
  • Generate your own docsets.
  • Open source and free.

Zeal supports all documentation that Dash supports. To name a few: Bash, man pages iOS, OS X, .NET, AngularJS, Android, Bootstrap, C, C++, CSS, Dart, Go, Drupal, HTML, Mono, Qt, Ruby, Vim, WordPress and so on… Find the full list here.

Zeal can be installed on several Linux platforms or compiled from source. To install Zeal on Ubuntu:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:zeal-developers/ppa
$ sudo apt-get udpate
$ sudo apt-get install zeal

Webpage: Zeal


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