Markdown editor for quick notes

cool_penguin_smallWe explored Laverna, a web-based markdown editor that stores data locally, in a recent article. Found another one for quick notes using markdown – Markdown Editor. It is somewhat similar to in presentation.

Markdown Editor presents two panes side-by-side. The left one is editable an comes with example text using markdown. You can remove it completely and start writing a note of your own. Each time it generates a new link which you can save if you want to get back the note later. If you don’t save the link, there is no easy way to get it back. However, if your browser history is on you can visit the same URL. The service is hosted on GitHub.

Markdown Editor has no security as such. You can’t add passwords to your notes so it’s visible to everyone visiting the same URL. However, the strong points of Markdown Editor are the simplicity and ease of use.

Webpage: Markdown Editor


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