Enable data compression proxy in browser

firefoxchrome_compIf you have ever used Opera’s Turbo mode or Google’s web accelerator, you might have noticed the enhanced speed they deliver. We’ll explore similar extensions for Chrome and Firefox which route your data through data compression proxies to save bandwidth. The data is decompressed on the local machine. Depending on your browsing habits, this can save significant amount of bandwidth.

Data Compression Proxy for Google Chrome

This extension brings the technology from mobile to the desktop. You can enable ad-blocking and a specify a bypass list from the preferences. The proxy uses SPDY protocol for faster browsing. Note that this works for HTTP only (no HTTPS). The extension gets disabled for 30 seconds automatically on any Proxy server error.

To check the saving at any point in time, open the following link in your browser:



skyZIP is a German service for customers using satellite communications. However, it works well with terrestrial connections too. Data is routed through NYNEX proxy servers with an average bandwidth savings of around 50% (claimed). There are 5 compression levels ranging from none to extreme. High gives a good performance to savings ratio.

skyZIP converts images to webp format, cleanses webpages and uses gzip compression. It also uses an optimized http protocol and multiplexes requests resulting in higher throughput. As an additional bonus, it encrypts (TLS 1.2) all data and you can open blocked content.

Available for Firefox and Chrome.

Janus Proxy Configurator for Firefox

Janus is a compressing and caching SPDY (and soon HTTP/2) proxy. The addon preferences panel shows the bandwidth saved by using the proxy. The latest version supports Firefox 33 and above.

NOTE: Janus is not available on Firefox extension website anymore.

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