Try Wayland with Gnome on Fedora (no install)

cool_penguin_smallOne of the very early distros to support Wayland was Maui. And now we have a way to try out Wayland on Fedora, thanks to a Redditer who figured it out. Gnome 3.14 s still under heavy development and things may break intermittently but here’s a chance to get a feel of Wayland.

  • Download the ISO (64-bit Fedora Live).
  • Create a bootable USB and boot from it.
  • Once on the Live Desktop, press <Ctrl-Alt-Fx> [x stands for 1 to 6] to switch to different tty. Login as “liveuser” (without quotes).
  • Once logged in, run the following commands:
    $ sudo systemctl stop gdm (kills running X session)
    $ sudo dnf install gnome-session-wayland-session (install Xwayland and "Gnome on Wayland" GDM entry)
    $ gnome-session --session=gnome-wayland

You should now be running Wayland instead if X11. Some improvements to notice are: better mouse pointer acceleration, better Gnome 3.14 experience than with X11.


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