Viber: free calls and sharing

Viber is one of the best applications when it comes to platform-agnostic VoIP calls and communication for free. Viber is a complete instant messaging cum file sharing cum VoIP app available for the desktop as well as smartphones. In general Viber to Viber calls are free but you can also call contacts who do not use Viber using ViberOut – a paid service. Features:

  • Multiplatform – Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia and Bada
  • Easy registration and account creation. Viber uses phone number to identify users.
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • No ads in the apps
  • Text, photo and sticker messages
  • Group conversations
  • Call any Viber user for free (including international)
  • Full sync between your mobile and your device
  • Transfer ongoing calls between your mobile and your desktop
  • If you use ViberOut, recharge your account with Auto Top-Up if balance is < $2

Webpage: Viber


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