Popcorn Time: stream and watch torrents instantly

How often do you watch the same episode of a TV series or a movie twice? If the answer is seldom then Popcorn Time can be the right software for you. Many users download torrents and view them. Popcorn Time can stream torrents directly. Features:

  • Automatically searches torrent sites for the best quality torrents. It has a catalogue featureĀ  to list available programs.
  • All you need is a good quality internet connection. No restrictions.
  • Watch in HD and with subtitles. There is option to select the quality.
  • Multiplatform. Available for Linux, Windows 7+ and Mac 10.7+. An alpha version for Android is under development at the time of writing.
  • Open source and free of cost.

Whether using Popcorn Time is legal or not depends on from where you are. Your use of Popcorn Time is at your sole risk.

Webpage: Popcorn Time

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