onedrive-d: OneDrive on Linux

cloud_componedrive-d is a Linux solution to store and sync files on Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage (previously known as Microsoft SkyDrive). OneDrive offers 7GB of free storage to users. onedrive-d is written in Python along with supporting bash shell scripts. It runs as a daemon on Linux. Currently it is under development and needs more polishing. Features:

  • Multi-threading
  • Basic GUI
  • Currently supports only Ubuntu and its derivatives but the developer has plans to support other Linux distros.


Get the source from the project repo:

$ git clone
$ cd onedrive-d


Copy the config files to the correct locations:

$ mkdir ~/.onedrive
$ cp ./onedrive_d/res/default_ignore.ini ~/.onedrive/ignore_v2.ini
// Create log file if you need to run onedrive-d as daemon
$ sudo touch /var/log/onedrive_d.log
// You may need to change `whoami` to your username
$ sudo chown `whoami` /var/log/onedrive_d.log

To set preferences:

$ python3 -m onedrive_d.od_pref --help

To run the client:

$ python3 -m onedrive_d.od_main --help

On GitHub: onedrive-d


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