w: show logged-on users with activities

cool_penguin_smallYes, you read it right! w is the command to show which users are logged-on to the system and what they are doing. It shows much more information than the popular command who. Simple, isn’t it?

$ w
 21:14:32 up 7:48, 3 users, load average: 0.04, 0.15, 0.16
user1 :0 :0 13:25 ?xdm? 5:43 0.83s /usr/bin/lxsession -s LXDE -e LXDE
user2 pts/0 :0 21:12 0.00s 0.03s 0.00s w
root pts/1 :0 21:14 8.00s 0.03s 0.00s watch free -m

Interesting options:

-p : show the IP address of remote users instead of hostname
user : show information about 'user' only

w is available by default on Ubuntu. Do you know the only other single letter command (technically alias) that works by default on many Linux distros?

Meen more help? Run:

$ man w


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