GoogleCL: Google services from cmdline

google_compGoogleCL is a handy way to access many of Google services from the terminal that console addicts are going to love. The currently supported services (with example usage) are:

  • Blogger
    $ google blogger post --title "foo" "cmdline posting"
  • Calendar
    $ google calendar add "Lunch with Jim at noon tomorrow"
  • Contacts
    $ google contacts list Bob --fields name,email > the_bobs.csv
  • Docs
    $ google docs edit "Shopping list"
  • Finance
    $ google finance create-txn "Savings Portfolio" NASDAQ:GOOG Buy
  • Picasa
    $ google picasa create "Cat Photos" ~/photos/cats/*.jpg
  • Youtube
    $ google youtube post --category Education killer_robots.avi

The developers provide a manual and example scripts with more common examples of how to use the utility. Packages are available for Debian based Linux platforms and Windows. Find the instructions to install from source code here.

Webpage: GoogleCL

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