xd: navigate directories faster

terminalWe explained go2 in one of our earlier posts. xd is another similar smart cd alternative that speeds up navigation in the terminal. You can change to a directory using only its initial characters or a subset of the initial characters.  For example, if you want to navigate to /usr/share/applications you can type xd usa and xd will take you there or show the alternatives that match the initials with associated keys to select one. xd can also be used with the standard tab filename completion.

xd is very flexible. Directories may be ignored using directives in xd’s configuration file. You can also set in the configuration file whether expansions  may  start  at  the  user’s home directory or at the system’s root directory.

To install, run:

$ sudo apt-get install xd

Need more help? Run

$ man xd

Webpage: xd


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