Useful tools on Ubuntu (K)

ubuntu_logo_81x81This post covers the utilities those start with K. Part of the series.

  1. katarakt (Utilities) : A lightweight Qt based PDF viewer with two viewing modes.
  2. kazam (Video software) : Record your desktop along with audio stream.
  3. kcachegrind (Development) : Advanced visualisation tool for the Valgrind profiler. KDE only.
  4. kdbg (Development) : Graphical debugger interface for GDB. KDE only.
  5. kdevelop (Development) : Integrated development environment (IDE) for KDE.
  6. kdiff3-qt (Development) : 2-way or 3-way file compare and merge utility.
  7. kdocker (Miscellaneous – Graphical) : Dock any application to the system tray.
  8. kernelshark (Development) : Utilities for graphically analyzing function tracing in the kernel.
  9. kerneltop (Development) : Shows Linux kernel function usage in a style like top.
  10. keurocalc (KDE) : Universal currency converter and calculator. It downloads latest exchange rates directly from the European Central Bank and Time Genie. KDE only.
  11. keylaunch (Miscellaneous – Graphical) : Small utility for binding commands to a hot key. It reads a configuration file in .keylaunchrc. KeyLaunch uses Ctrl, Alt and Shift as modifier keys, the hotkey is up to the user.
  12. kfilereplace (KDE) : An embedded component for KDE that acts as a batch search-and-replace tool. It allows you to replace one expression with another in many files at once.
  13. kismet (Networking) : An 802.11 layer-2 wireless network detector, sniffer and intrusion detection system. It will work with any wireless card that supports raw monitoring (rfmon) mode, and can sniff 802.11a/b/g/n traffic.
  14. klavaro (Miscellaneous – Graphical) : A simple tutor to teach correct typing, almost independently of language and very flexible regarding to new or unknown keyboard layouts.
  15. klinkstatus (WWW) : KDE’s web link validity checker. It allows you to search internal and external links throughout your web site. Simply point it to a single page and choose the depth to search.
  16. kmymoney (KDE) : Personal Finance Manager for KDE. It operates similar to MS-Money and Quicken, supports different account types, categorization of expenses, QIF import/export, multiple currencies and initial online banking support.
  17. knocker (Networking) : A new, simple, and easy to use TCP security port scanner written in C, using threads. It is able to analyze hosts and the network services which are running on them.
  18. knowledgreroot (WWW) : A knowledgebase system that lets you structure your content in a tree. It is a little bit like a wiki but it is not a wiki! You do not need to learn a wiki syntax; you can use a rich text editor (FCKEditor or TinyMCE) to write content.
  19. kompare (Development) : File compare and merge utility. KDE only.
  20. krdc (Networking) : Remote desktop connections to other desktop sessions including Windows.
  21. krename (Utilities) : A very powerful batch file renamer for KDE which can rename a list of files based on a set of expressions. It can copy/move the files to another directory or simply rename the input files.
  22. krfb (Networking) : A manager for easily sharing a desktop session with another system. The desktop session can be viewed or controlled remotely by any VNC or RFB client, such as the KDE Remote Desktop Connection client.
  23. krita (KDE) : A creative application for raster images. Whether you want to create from scratch or work with existing images, Krita is for you. You can work with photos or scanned images, or start with a blank slate. Krita supports most graphics tablets out of the box.
  24. krusader (Utilities) : A simple, easy, powerful, twin-panel (commander-style) file manager, similar to Midnight Commander or Total Commander.
  25. kscope (Development) : A graphical front-end to Cscope. It provides a source browsing and editing environment for large C projects. KScope is focused on source editing and analysis.
  26. ksplice (System Administration) : Allows system administrators to apply security patches to the Linux kernel without having to reboot. Ksplice takes as input a source code change in unified diff format and the kernel source code to be patched, and it applies the patch to the corresponding running kernel. The running kernel does not need to have been prepared in advance in any way.
  27. ktorrent (Networking) : KDE torrent client.
  28. ktouch (KDE) : An aid for learning how to type with speed and accuracy. It provides a sample text to type and indicates which fingers should be used for each key.
  29. kvirc (Networking) : KDE-based next generation IRC client with module support.
  30. kvpnc (Networking) : A KDE4 frontend for various vpn clients.
  31. kwalletmanager (Utilities) : The KDE Wallet system provides a secure way to store passwords and other secret information, allowing the user to remember only a single KDE Wallet password instead of numerous different passwords and credentials.
  32. kwstyle (Development) : KWStyle is integrated in the software process to ensure that the code written by several users is consistent and can be viewed/printed as it was written by one person.


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