Firefox 29: behold Australis & awesome speed

Mozilla has released Firefox 29 with significant interface redesign and performance improvements today. This is the most important release in the recent line of Firefox releases. The much flaunted Australis interface has been a long tease in the Aurora builds and it’s the highlight of Firefox 29. During my tests I found the latest Firefox much more responsive and faster than Firefox 28 and the experience aligns with a recent review in ZDNet. Google Chrome has never been my cup of tea because of the amount of resource it takes up (which also means more power consumption). The new interface also makes it much easier to customize Firefox.

If you want to switch back to the old Firefox looks, find the instructions here. However, remember that this also means adding a new add-on. I would recommend getting used to the new looks which in my opinion looks way better than the older one. However, it would have been great if it could do away with window decorations completely so that users could have more screen real estate like in Google Chrome. On LXDE, I still have to disable window decorations for Firefox selectively.


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