Use Clang Static Analyzer to analyze C & C++ code

Clang includes a promising open source static analyzer to analyze C, C++ and Objective-C source code. Once you compile it from Clang source, it is very easy to use.

  • Implemented as a C++ library and can be used by third party programs
  • Can run as a standalone program or within Xcode (specific to Mac OS X development).
  • Open source
Current Limitations
  • It is a work-in-progress so expect lack of precision and reduced scope of analysis
  • Static analysis does a deeper code analysis and takes longer than normal compilation
  • False positives may show up in the results as with any other static analysis too
  • There is scope for adding more checks or analysis points
  • To use it, you have to get the Git source of LLVM and Clang and compile them first. Follow the instructions here.
  • The static analysis tools scan-build and scan-view are not compiled by default. You need to compile them separately using Clang. Follow the instructions here.

Usage is very simple. Once scan-build is compiled, invoke it along with your program’s normal make process:

$ scan-build --use-analyzer=/usr/local/bin/clang++ make

Webpage: Clang Static Analyzer


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