CppDroid: GCC on Android

android_compThe latest Android devices are powerful enough to run a compiler. While some commercial apps available already, CppDroid is a brand new (released on Google Play today) free compiler that runs on Android to compile and execute C/C++ programs. Yes, it’s GCC on Android! CppDroid is fresh-baked, but it already has powerful features:

  • a collection of programs for newbies to start tinkering around with
  • terminal emulation to run your compiled programs
  • code complete
  • real-time diagnostics (warnings and errors) and fixes
  • file and tutorial navigator (variables, methods, etc)
  • smart syntax highlighting
  • portrait/landscape UI
  • auto indentation and auto pairing (configurable)
  • configurable code syntax highlighting (themes)
  • compile C/C++ code (no root required)
  • works offline (no internet connection required)
  • great C/C++ code examples included
  • detailed C++ tutorial and learn guide included
  • add-ons manager and auto updates
  • Dropbox support

CppDroid blog
On Google Play: CppDroid

[Courtesy: Anton Smirnov, the author of CppDroid]

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