Pogostick: reset Windows password from Linux

medical_compDo you forget the password to your Windows box often? Do you re-install it each time that happens? If the answer to the above questions is Yes!, then you should try out chntpw. It is a powerful tool that can help you change or reset your Windows password. The author distributes chntpw as a utility in a distro (named Pogostick) along with other utilities like registry editors.

  • Works with any Windows release from NT3.5 to Windows 8.1 including servers
  • Works for any local account on your Windows box
  • Detects accounts and offers to unlock or reset
  • No need to know the old password
  • chntpw works on any Linux distro. Present in default Ubuntu repos.
  • The author made his own distro (Pogostick). Install on USB. Run offline as any other portable Linux distro.
  • Pogostick has registry editing tools for other needs too
  • Good walkthrough documentation. Visit it first before proceeding.

Webpage: Pogostick

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