pCloud: cloud storage with cool features

pcloud_compUpdate: Free pCloud account can now reach 30GB. The Linux client is fully functional.

pCloud doesn’t strike as any outstanding service when you take a quick look at the description: another relatively new cloud storage service that offers up to 20GB free space in the cloud. Who would even bother checking out the homepage? People are talking in TBs nowadays. However, when I created an account to check it out I found it interesting, specially two features which are not yet very common in the cloud storage arena but will be welcome by Chromebook or tablet users.


  • You can download any file directly to pCloud bypassing your local machine. In other words you can upload links
  • Non pCloud users an upload files to your pCloud shared upload space
  • Extract archives in the cloud
  • 10GB initially with 20GB through invitations, get started tasks etc.
  • No speed or file size limits
  • Stream media files and mark your music folders as favourite for a quick access
  • Backup FB, Picasa, Instagram photos directly
  • Sharing with friends
  • Easy sign up and instant login
  • Clients for Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS


  • 20GB is not even remotely catchy. Now the free space limit is 30GB. Might appear less to many.

Webpage: pCloud

4 thoughts on “pCloud: cloud storage with cool features”

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