Lernstift: Linux based error detecting pen

Update: VibeWrite, the company behind the initiative went bankrupt.

Ever thought of a pen that could help you correct mistakes while writing? Lernstift (now VibeWrite), a German startup has come forward with exactly the same idea. This interesting gadget is based on Linux (as the high level diagram of the parts above show) and claims to write on any surface including in air. The idea is to vibrate if you make a spelling mistake or a grammatical mistake. It also has a memory and WiFi modules to sync everything you write to your smartphone as notes in real time or later. You can also change the tip by a regular refill or a pencil to write normally along with error detection. The pen also keeps learning your handwriting pattern as you keep using it. The modules used to create this pen are broadly motion sensor, processor, memory, WiFi and vibration. The pen is expected to be manufactured by mid 2014 and is priced at €99.

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