Tiny Core Linux: Linux under 9MB

Tiny Core (TC) Linux has been around for a long time now since the project started in 2008. When I first used it years back I wasn’t too fond of the GUI but it has progressed a lot since. The latest version 5.2 has a quite usable GUI when the size of 8.9MB is considered. Tiny Core Linux GUI works on the flwm window manager. There’s a Core Plus version of 72MB which has more GUI functionality. As you can expect from such a lean distro, TC is lightning fast. The OS boots to the desktop in seconds. But the real power of TC lies in the fact that it can be adapted to build specialized distros on top of it (like firewalls or security oriented distros). The growing wide adaptation of TC proves that it definitely stood the test of time.

Tiny Core Linux has x86, x86_64, arm6 and arm7 ports. The desktop is simple and the applications are small and very very responsive. I couldn’t find any UEFI support information on the website though I am yet to test the 64-bit distro on a VM. TC is ideal for servers, appliances or customized desktops. Find the installation instructions here.

Webpage: Tiny Core Linux


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