Framaroot: root many Android smartphones with one app

android_compRooting an Android device may seem a complex process if you are not very techy. The reason is that it involves downloading different pieces of software, several steps to follow, connecting your device to your laptop via USB and so on. However, many users want to do that to gain more control over their device and get rid of stock apps those come pre-installed. To keep things simpler, XDA Developers are working on an app – Framaroot, which can already root many Android smartphones in a few simple steps. The app takes advantage of several vulnerabilities or exploits that can be used to root an Android device. You can try it on your device to find out if it can root it. If you are lucky, the model may already be supported. If Framaroot detects that it can’t root a device, it leaves the device untouched. Before trying it, however, remember that once the device is successfully rooted (if at all Framaroot works on your device), the warranty is void.

Webpage: Framaroot

[Courtesy: Jester Raiin]


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