Startpage: Google search with privacy

startpage_compI was surprised to find Startpage as the default search engine in the Tor browser. I understood the reasons when I clicked on the Privacy policy page. Unlike Google, which according to its latest agreement with users considers search results from users and their usage data as Google’s property, Startpage never saves any of your data. But it gives the same results as Google! How you ask? It uses its own Proxy to filter the Google search results when you enter any keyword. So you get just what you want – only the search results and no invasion of your privacy by Google.


  • Search the Web, Images or Videos or custom search
  • No Ads!
  • Doesn’t track users in any way
  • Not under US jurisdiction
  • Search and view results anonymously
  • Certified privacy standards
  • No more tracking your past searches to show ads
  • It’s your statement against privacy invasion
  • Set as your default search engine here
  • View search results anonymously with the ixquick Proxy.

Alternative: DuckDuckGo

Webpage: Startpage

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